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You don’t have to change who you are, You have to become more of who you are!!

– quote by Sally Hogshed


Scribbling has always instilled in me, a sense of joy! I love narrating the little life tales with a tint of humour in it. My scribbles are usually either in Malayam or in English. Often have I noticed that the humour part apparently appears more in my Malayalam scribbles. English scribbles picks up a slightly serious tone. What started as a writeup among my close knit family group has finally paved its way into a blog!! As much as I enjoy writing it, I hope it excites and entertains the readers at the other end.

The second child of my wonderful loving parents, a sister to my three lovely siblings, wife of an ever supporting husband Mr. Nelson George and mother of two lovely boys – Steve & Johan! Indeed I am blessed to have fantastic in-laws too! A post graduate in computer application, an IT professional (an ex-Infoscion), a stay-at-home mom for more than nine years & at present someone who has restarted the career after a long break for child care. I hail from Kerala, India and currently reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. That’s me!!!

Neetha Chacko!! 😊

You can motivate me… Yes!! Your feedback will motivate me and inspire me to write more and write better!! I would love to hear your comments & suggestions about the blog. Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s connect through email at neetha.itsscribbletime@gmail.com

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